Business meeting of top activists in the textile and clothing industry with commercial brokers

Time: Monday, December 6, 1400, 19 to 22

Location: Tehran, Parsian Evin Hotel, Noor Mountain Hall, second floor

The International Association of Commercial Brokers, together with Same Pad Novin Company and the Iroxpo Online Exhibition System for networking and development of domestic and international markets, will hold a business meeting of the top textile and clothing industry activists with commercial brokers. The guests of this business meeting will be the participants of IRANTEX 2021 and IRANMODE 2021, joint chambers of commerce, esteemed representatives of embassies, knowledge-based companies and start-ups, as well as business brokers and business facilitators.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the leading countries in the international level due to the benefit of capable experts and specialized knowledge of the textile and clothing industry, and it is necessary for the effective presence of related industries in global markets to the capacity of all economic institutions and organizations as well as commercial agents. Active in the field of international trade.

In this regard, and for the purpose of networking and domestic and international flows with the effective participation of the Iroxpo online exhibition system and the support of the Iranian Export Innovation and Acceleration Center, the Iranian Textile Association, the Iranian Textile and Garment Production and Export Association and Same Padvin Business meeting and dinner “Top textile and clothing industry activists with business brokers” held on December 6, 1400 with the presence of business facilitators, policy makers, joint chambers of commerce, representatives of international organizations and commercial brokers Will be.